Monday, November 16, 2009

First Day at Daycare

I took Coy to daycare today. It wasn't as bad as I had anticipated that it would be. I dropped him off at 10am, because, like his mom and dad...he likes to sleep in.

Tomorrow, I am going to get up early and get dressed and pretend like it is a real work day, so he will have to get up early...poor baby.

Anyway, now it is time for an emotional moment. In the spirit of Thanksgiving....

I am so thankful to have my wonderful sweet husband and my perfect little boy. I have wanted to have a baby for several years, but was waiting for my husband to want that too. Also, I always knew that if we had a boy that his name would be Coy deep down inside I always knew that I would have a little boy. Everything surrounding this baby has been so perfect, with the exception of a miserable pregnancy(but complication free). We were able to get pregnant as soon as we decided that we wanted to. We have a healthy, beautiful and happy baby. I am so blessed and I am so very thankful for the wonderful life that I have been given!

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